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2011 15.4.3538.513



The new messenger has arrived!


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Windows Live Messenger has become the most famous instant messaging program all around internet. Each new version attracts thousands of users and this is not going to be different.

Windows Live Messenger, as you know it was known as MSN Messenger, is the last present from microsoft to the millions of users of this acclaimed instant messenger client.

In this new Messenger, voice and video communication has been enhanced and now the quality is really better than before, as you’ll realize the first time you run it.

Windows Live Messenger, of course, conserves all the features that has make MSN Messenger the most used instant messenger client, such as, emoticons, winks, wallpapers, handscript, etc and also includes new features like buttons in conversation windows related to multimedia.

You will experience new winks, PC to Phone calls, share files and the expected logged off messages, now you can send instant messages to your contact though they are not connected and when they start session they’ll receive them.

Long Life to Windows Live Messenger experience!
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